At the start of the 20th Century, a small and simple blacksmith shop was opened by one of Chilliwack's first settlers, the Chadsey Family. This shop grew in popularity, prosperity, and potential and, over a century later, Ironside Design Manufacturing emerged from these humble roots as an internationally known roll form equipment supplier.

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Born and raised in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, George Ironside grew up watching his father, John Wilson Ironside, who was also a blacksmith. Throughout the early 1900s George Ironside and his wife lived in South Africa where they gave birth to their two children. Chilliwack was growing at a steady pace and many buildings and organizations were [...]

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By 1926, William (Bill) Ironside, George's son, had begun working with his father in the shop, learning the skills of the trade.

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Finding a solid location within Chilliwack Ironsides Ltd. was able to continue to expand, grow and develop, as more modern farm machinery found its way into the Fraser Valley. Even though Bill did not stay working with his father for this whole period George Ironside remained steadily serving his community.

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In the 1940's phone numbers were a lot different than they are now. Ironside's phone number in 1941 was 2431. Although, most customers just came directly down to the building.

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The 1950s were a transitioning period for George and Bill Ironside as the company was passed from father to son to carry on a company that by this point was a stable business in the Fraser Valley community. Bill Ironside found help and assistance from Cliff Swanson after his father retired; the company's name changed [...]

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By 1964, Ironside's Machine & Welding Ltd. was fully established and maintained its status for the quality work and service in Chilliwack. While the company grew at a steady pace, Bill Ironside, unfortunately, found his health deteriorating and was looking towards retirement.

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1969 Jim Nyssen becomes full owner. The first helical lock-seam pipe machine invented and produced. And the Mechanical Raspberry Harvester unveiled.

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In 1976, upon receiving large contracts from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Russia, Jim Nyssen was looking to further expand the manufacturing sector of his company but unfortunately had no room to do so. With restrictions and issues surrounding the land, Nyssen has hoped to purchase the company was forced to consider moving a portion of [...]

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The 1980s saw some great things for Ironside as the company unveiled the BC Rangeland Maching, they designed and showcased their first generation portable mill, they began producing high holding power anchors, and they saw their first steps into the CNG industry.

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