Corrugated Steel Pipe Mill

Stationary Corrugated Steel Pipe Mills

For decades, Ironside has remained an industry leader for corrugated steel pipe mills. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction helps us maintain our reputation as a world-leading supplier.

Our corrugated steel pipe mills are engineered with a focus on low maintenance costs and long-lasting, high performance. Each corrugated steel pipe mill is precision-machined and fabricated to ensure trouble-free operation for years to come.

In addition to long-lasting durability, versatility is another key advantage of Ironside’s corrugated pipe mills. Our corrugated steel pipe mills are designed to produce a product that can be customized for any requirement. Our corrugated steel pipe mills are capable of changing profiles, sizes, diameters, and steel thicknesses, which makes them perfect for any CSP job.

Our corrugated steel pipe mills can also produce other products (such as corrugated sheets and bands) with the simple addition of shears, slitters, and perforators. Further benefiting the end user. The forming head is fully adjustable, ensuring precise diameter changes and creates completely closed lock-seams.

Choose a mill from our product line or allow us to work with you to customize your order.

Standard Features

  • Simple one man operation
  • Safe and compact design
  • Flexible to allow various profile sizes
  • Reliable
  • Segmented tooling allowing flexibility of pipe profiles
  • Outfitted with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for optimal operation
  • Fully integrated PLC/HMI system to view operation parameters, diagnostics, and easily accommodate future enhancements Mobile Features
  • All the standard features of its standard spiral culvert mills
  • Outfitted with a VDF and utilizing a PLC control, touch screen and radio remote
  • Remote dial-in diagnostics
  • Helix angle accurate to 0.1 degree
  • Configured to meet territory transport regulations
  • Quick to set up and specifically designed for outdoor exposure and usage


In 1983, Ironside manufactured its first mobile corrugated steel pipe mill, and over 30 years later, that same mill is still in operation today.

Our mobile corrugated steel pipe mill is designed for both custom and standard jobs, and has very clear advantages for customers. Mobile corrugated steel pipe mills can achieve new limits on pipe diameter by eliminating costly and complicated transportation of the finished pipe.

Operating a mobile corrugated steel pipe mill also allows the possibility of having various pipe depots throughout the country. The mobile mill is easy to setup and transport, so it can produce stock in one location before moving to the next.

When it comes to diameter and sizes, 25 ft. (7.6 M) diameter pipe is possible with the assistance of 8-gauge material and Ironside’s own 2” x 6” corrugation. These large pipes are perfect for flood relief and other disasters, as the mobile mill can be sent to the site via road, rail, or ferry, and be in production in less than four hours after arrival (assuming proper site preparation is completed).

The mobile mill is not limited to large diameters only. Just like our standard models, the mobile mill can be set up to run various corrugation profiles with pipe diameters starting at 12”.

Choose a mill from our product line or allow us to work with you to customize your order.