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Jim Vermeer


Phone: 604-795-5727 ext. 115

Jim Vermeer is Ironside’s Retail Parts and Repair Shop Manager, a position he has held since 2003. Jim oversees all levels of the Parts and Repair Shop. He ensures that Ironside maintains a well-stocked store, and that each job is completed with Ironside’s quality standard. His extensive knowledge of hardware, repair techniques, equipment, and manufacturing allows him to provide trustworthy recommendations to any customer.

Shane Setter


Phone: 604-795-5727 ext. 119

Shane Setter is Ironside’s Sales and Marketing Manager for the Roll Form Equipment Division, a position he has held since 2007. Shane plays a crucial role in the development of new roll form products and markets for Ironside. He travels throughout the world developing new sales and providing continued support to Ironside’s world-wide customer base. His extensive technical knowledge of the equipment allows him to provide in-depth information, both during presale and after sales support.


Phone: 604-795-5727 ext. 101

Human Resources

Phone: 604-795-5727 ext. 112

Elmer Niezen


Phone: 604-795-5727 ext.103

Elmer Niezen began working at Ironside on the shop floor in 1982 doing clean up and miscellaneous tasks. He acquired his Steel Fabrication Certificate and quickly became the Parts and Repair Shop Foreman. His valuable knowledge in fabrication, leadership and customer service enabled him to continue rising in the company. Now the owner and President of Ironside since 2006, Elmer has over thirty years of experience working within every aspect of Ironside, making him a valuable resource for customers.